Day Job

Lately I've been questioning what I do for a living. Is it the right thing for me? Am I fulfilled? Am I reaching my potential? All of these crazy buzzwords that so many of us are on a quest for. I like my "day job". Sometimes it's boring and sometimes it's not. Lately it's been... Continue Reading →


We had a Monday

First, we failed miserably trying to get a non-chewable antibiotic into my daughter's system - chocolate pudding wasn't masking it, Gatorade wasn't masking it. I was frustrated, Aubrey was frustrated, my husband was frustrated (Sam - the dog - was still trying to sleep). I yelled, Chris yelled, Aubrey cried.... and really we were just mad... Continue Reading →

Being Strong is Not the New Beautiful

Awesome post on the benefits of strength training!

The Mad Science Behind Movement and Training

So you strength train. You love the way it makes your butt look in your jeans or how cut your arms and abs have gotten. Strong is the new beautiful, right? Well, what happens when beautiful doesn’t fit into your schedule anymore? Aesthetic pursuits are often the first to be replaced as life’s demands increase. Plus, the idea of what is sexy changes all the time. Big hair was beautiful once, remember? It’s important to know that strength training isn’t just an extracurricular activity to see how “cut” you can get your stomach. Strength training is important for your health at all ages. Unfortunately, this message has been poorly circulated in the medical community. How many family physicians and health assessments mention the importance of aerobic activity? Now think about how often strength training is promoted. This may be why 56% of people in the US meet aerobic guidelines, while…

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Not just different

I've been running again, which seems strangely correlated with an influx of thoughts that need to spill out and an urge to write. Anyway this morning I'm feeling like a quote before my morning run, needing motivation! Here's my winner:


One of my favorite things is to learn, I love learning. Drinking my morning cup of coffee, and reading Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers, I came across this, and thought it was too good to not share (or at least needed to be memorialized for me to read again later!). Thich Nhat Hanh... Continue Reading →

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