Listen and Learn: Missouri Jobs with Justice


I recently had the opportunity to speak with Justin Stein, Organizing Director of Missouri Jobs with Justice (JwJ). Missouri JwJ is a “coalition of community, labor, student, and religious groups  in communities across the state,” focused on taking direct action.

I’m sure I won’t do them justice (lame pun intended) with my description. They take on many initiatives such as doing solidarity work with laborers and policy campaigns (e.g., medicaid expansion, protecting prevailing wage, raising minimum wage, and fighting right to work laws).

Up right now is working to get initiatives on the ballot – in particular a vote on minimum wage and initiatives to fight to get money out of politics, transparency in campaign funding (fighting dark money like Greitens is raising), and political gerrymandering (let’s make sure districts are drawn to be representative).

So where do we, the concerned “Northland” citizen, come in?

JwJ is looking to create teams of people who want to work on one or more ballot initiatives – especially in the 6th District (if Sam Graves is your rep – this is your district). The Northland Huddle is going to host a meeting.

Someone from MO JwJ will come talk with us about their organizations, their ballot initiatives, and do a training with us so we know how to properly collect signatures.

We’ll need leaders and helpers, the shy and the not shy, those with even a little time and those with more time. This is where I implore you to consider stepping forward, perhaps out of your comfort zone, to lend a hand.

How can we change things in Missouri? By getting initiatives on the ballot.

So many of these issues are bipartisan. This means Missourians should get to vote on them, not let our state congress members dictate policies based on their big business donors. I ask that even if you’re not sure you want to participate, you come to the meeting and listen.

Listening and learning are the first steps. Will you come listen and learn with me?

Event RSVP is here with more information as it becomes available.


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