More Done in a Year

gwhp8o7k1aI’ve heard Tony Robbins, and maybe others, say something along the lines that people overestimate what they can get done in a day, but underestimate what they can get done in a year. This approach causes so many of us to fail or to not even try.

We start off ready to conquer our goal, but then it feels like we’re not getting there or anywhere and we stop. We stop too quickly.

Couple this with this push to feel like we have to make a living from our art or as an entrepreneur and the pressure mounts. Instead of just working on our goal(s), we’re working on them with this weight sitting on our shoulders.

I cannot write everyday. I cannot even write multiple times a week every week. It doesn’t fit my life. Some people can get up extra early and use that time to write. I choose to do that so I can lift weights.

This is okay.

This does not mean I can’t write when I can. This does not mean I should stop working on the book I’m writing.

I am not requesting my art (and I’m going to be bold and call my writing my art, because it is MY art and I can own it, it’s truly not for others to decide) to support my household. I am no longer requesting it to solve my anxiety issues or make me feel complete either.

Releasing this stress and burden on my writing has helped me. I’m less critical of myself. Now when I can write, I write, and it makes me happy. If I haven’t had time, then that’s okay. If I start to feel the pressure of wishing I could sit down and write, then I follow that lead and make the time.

What will I be able to accomplish in a year if I take the pressure off of each day? On April 17, 2018, what will my body of work look like if I don’t overwhelm myself today?


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