Over the last few months while bemoaning (mostly to myself) the lack of creativity in my life and engaging challenges (at work), the universe as presented me with two very specific areas to be creative in.

But I’m just now waking up to see them for what they are.

First, it was the creation of a group in response to the Women’s March movement. We call ourselves the Northland Huddle. We met to discuss our concerns over current legislation trends both at the state and federal level and decided to keep our little group together and informed. I called the original Huddle, so I agreed to work as the “leader” of the Huddle at least through Facebook.

I have no idea how to lead a political/civic group! I hardly know how to work the group’s Facebook page. BUT I’m learning, and learning is at it’s very essence creative. You are in fact creating new knowledge for yourself. Thankfully for me there are resources out there and I have a friend who is helping guide me and encourage me. She has no idea how thankful I am for her! (Note to self – express my gratitude to her ASAP)

My most recent opportunity was through a small group of citizens who are working with one of our Aldermen to help improve recycling in our community. At our most recent meeting I agreed (I think I even volunteered… why do I do that?!) to take care of the social media aspect. Then my lovely friend, who knows about this stuff, said, “I recommend an editorial calendar for social media so we know what’s schedule to post when.” Then she suggested we post at least once a week.

An editorial calendar?! Except as soon as she said it, I knew she was 100% right (like I said – she knows these things!). My first thought was, “I don’t know how to do that!” My second thought was, “I can actually figure this out, and friend will guide me as needed.”

Neither of these things are an “art” project. They are not a painting, drawing, sculpture, or even a book, but they do require creativity. This is the universe answering my request to CREATE.

Opportunities recognized! Opportunities accepted! Opportunities appreciated!

Love and light to all! Paula

p.s. Next step is to approach my opportunities with more joy, which has been lacking a little lately. For now I can just appreciate the irony of the fact that I had happily quit Facebook and now am in charge of TWO Facebook groups/pages. The universe gives and has a sense of humor!


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