Day Job


Lately I’ve been questioning what I do for a living. Is it the right thing for me? Am I fulfilled? Am I reaching my potential?

All of these crazy buzzwords that so many of us are on a quest for.

I like my “day job”. Sometimes it’s boring and sometimes it’s not. Lately it’s been a little less challenging than I like, which has prompted me to wonder… also I may be prone to wondering… constantly checking my contentment.

While working today doing a more mindless task I heard Jon Acuff doing an interview on Jess Lively‘s podcast, The Lively Show. One of them, and now I really can’t remember which, talked about this fallacy that our job, or career, is supposed to provide EVERYTHING for us as far as being fulfilled.

This is exactly what I had been doing, but no sooner had it been said then it struck me what a RIDICULOUS request this is from anything – a job, a person, a hobby.

Even the creative entrepreneurs I look up to do not get ALL of their fulfillment from just that part of their life.

Do they love what they do? Of course!

Does that mean they love all drudgery of the work they love? Probably not.

It was just what I needed to hear. I’m content. I like that I have my analytical job – that’s definitely a part of my brain. And it’s OKAY that it’s not always very creative. I have other outlets for creativity – such as this blog or the book I’m working on .

My creativity does not provide me with human connection – I get that from my friends and family.

My friends and family do not provide me with my spirituality – I get that from my own spiritual studies and meditation.

And what do all of these things have in common? MYSELF. We are the source.

Life provides us all of these resources to give to us. It’s a never ending supply of ways to stretch and grow and fill our buckets.

It’s okay to have a day job. It was only my ego trying to say it was not enough.


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