We had a Monday

First, we failed miserably trying to get a non-chewable antibiotic into my daughter’s system – chocolate pudding wasn’t masking it, Gatorade wasn’t masking it. I was frustrated, Aubrey was frustrated, my husband was frustrated (Sam – the dog – was still trying to sleep). I yelled, Chris yelled, Aubrey cried…. and really we were just mad at the health “professional” who prescribed such a thing for a 4 year old.

Then there was the dog… and the vet costs…

And then I went back to the clinic and they fixed my daughter’s medicine (though we’d already suffered through 2 days, and it shouldn’t have happened).

And my dog had his teeth cleaned and fixed…. (but ouch did it cost)

My husband and I apologized to each other, and we apologized to Aubrey and the world was right again. I’m sure there are many things we as parents and spouses don’t do correctly, but apologizing to each other is one thing we get right. I’ve never understood people that don’t or can’t apologize. (Or think “I’m sorry because I want us to be friends again” or “I’m sorry you’re hurt” or “I’m sorry but…” are actual apologies)

Sure that first bite of humble pie is hard to swallow, but in the end you know you did the right thing. Plus if the person you need to apologize to is someone you love, then you’ve given them some peace. And maybe they don’t forgive you right away, but at least they know you loved them enough to consider them.

I don’t always do the best apologizing to others, but I hope I continue to get better at it.

So apologize, and remember if you’re having a Monday… you can finish that Monday however you want. We’re opting for snuggles in our house.



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