Roll Me Away

I don’t know about other runners, but I have a running song. One that when I hear it,  makes me want to go for a run, and it best encompasses how running feels for me. I also frequently find it playing in my head during the run.

It’s “Roll Me Away” by Bob Seger.

I heard this song, randomly, yesterday at the dentist’s office. And it wasn’t quietly on in the background either. It was playing loudly AND the dentist was humming along while he checked my teeth (made me like my dentists just a little more).

It made me smile, because I am so close to that next run. As of this moment I’m one week and one day away.

My favorite part of this song is the following…


Stood alone on a mountain top,
Starin’ out at the great divide
I could go east, I could go west,
It was all up to me to decide
Just then I saw a young hawk flyin’
And my soul began to rise
And pretty soon
My heart was singin’

Roll, roll me away,

I’m gonna roll me away tonight…

If you’ve ever stood on the Great Divide, or any mountain top, you can probably relate to this feeling.

Somewhere outside of Leadville by Twin Lakes
Somewhere outside of Leadville by Twin Lakes

This is how I feel when I run… or at least in the good moments…

Because let’s face it, sometimes a run is hard and it’s about finding your strength and endurance, finding out what you’re made of… but even then it’s all up to you to decide…

east or west..

go on or give up…

As for me, I prefer to go on.

How about you? Do you have a running song?


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