Betting on Myself

That half marathon I was worried about? It’s tomorrow. I signed up… yesterday.

I had done all of that worrying, and then a work trip was scheduled for that day. I had laughed, “all of that worrying when I won’t even be in town.”

Then what often happens when you work at a law firm – you find out at the last minute that plans have changed. (You get used to it, sort of, though it still makes me type A personality twitch) I had seen it coming, the odds of the trip were slowly swinging into my favor, and the race was dancing around in the background.

Do I run? My IT Band is still not where it should be and my weekly mileage has been around 5 miles – TOTAL for the WHOLE week. That is not how you prepare for a race.

Do I sit at the race while my dad and brother go out and see what they’re made of? Do I sit and wait on the sidelines of the race I’ve had my heart set on since July? The race I talked them into signing up for in the first place?

So last night around 8 pm when I got the word I would be free for the weekend, about 36 hours before race start, I signed up.

I knew I would.

How could I not?

But now comes the hard part. This race will be physically challenging given my IT Band, and what I will just refer to lovingly as my really long taper period. The hard part, though? Will be mentally making it through.

How will I handle my sore IT Band? How will I deal with mile 9 when the fatigue starts to really kick in and I still have 4 miles left?

Will I remember to let my mind go, accept what is and just put one foot in front of the other? Will I remember to not worry about mile 11 when I’m running mile 3?

There is only one way to answer all of these questions and that is to try… to go out there, toe the starting line, and see if my mental fortitude is strong enough.

I’m going to bet on me, which is I guess why I signed up. How could I not?


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