EnLIGHTened by Jessica Berger Gross

Looking for a fun, easy, read, and having just recently added a yoga class to my week, I turned to this book. Based on the full title of this book: enLIGHTened: How I lost 40 pounds with a yoga mat, fresh pineapples and a beagle pointer I thought this seemed like a great fit for my mood. Several years ago, before I had my daughter I practiced yoga on a very regular basis, so I was not new to the subject area. (In fact, I’m very fond of yoga.)

It starts off fairly strong, as she takes you briefly through those moments where she realized eating and living differently resulted in losing weight and feeling healthier. She doesn’t succeed on her first realization, which is relatable because most of us don’t.

As she starts to realize that there are toxic parts of her life that aren’t working, and that she has to make a life change, the book starts to make a shift… or maybe I stopped relating. I felt like she wasn’t sharing all the reasons she wanted to become a vegetarian, she was telling the reader they needed to do it. I’m not sure why that bothered me, it doesn’t usually.

The other thing that rubbed me the wrong way? She didn’t lose 40 pounds doing yoga. She admits that to actually lose the weight she had to walk a LOT, and run and use the elliptical machine.

I couldn’t make the connection, and I couldn’t relate to her as the book progressed. I felt like it lost her story, and it became more of a how to.

For me this book was just average, not good, not bad, and many people have really loved it. Perhaps if you are a big yogi, or trying to find the encouragement to start on your own journey, this will be the book for you. After all we are unique and we bring our uniqueness to the reading experience.


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