Ha Ha Poop!

Yep, I’m going to talk about poop. I know, I know, this is not a topic for everyone, BUT I have a two year old and poop is inevitable (actually this is inevitable at all ages but I’m digressing).

We have been working on the potty training for months… lots of months… she got the peeing down, but the pooping? Nope. AND she has been wearing “big girl” unders for quite sometime. That makes her not pooping in the potty a really unenjoyable experience for her dad, her teachers, and myself.

The thing is, you can’t get mad at your child for this. This is one of the few things they have complete control over, and you don’t want to create a power struggle. Goodness knows my child is head strong like her parents. Everyone (including her dad and I at the beginning) wanted to talk with Aubrey about her poop. It’s okay to poop, poop is your friend, everyone poops, and on and on and on.

Then one morning while she was with me in the bathroom she commented on how stinky MY poop was. In semi-exasperation I said to her, “well yeah it is, that’s why I go in the potty.” I could see the look of consideration on her face so I went with it. I told her, “I say, ha ha poop, you can’t go in my pretty underwear, you have to go in the potty!” She loved this and she then preceded to tell my poop and her future poop the same thing.

And you know what? We’ve had two accidents since then and almost a week of pooping in the potty. And she loves to say, “ha ha poop, you can’t go in my pretty underwear!” This was very amusing to me, but I kept thinking about WHY did this work? And while I’ll never know for sure I did come up with this conclusion.

In life everyone is always trying to make us comfortable with poop, and let’s face it -poop is everywhere. And while none of us should go through life afraid of it (because it is unavoidable), it’s not until we learn that we don’t have to be friends and keep it, that we gain a little freedom. Keeping the negative comments and experiences attached to us, makes us sad (and a probably a little stinky).

So as frequently happens with parenthood – I learned something too. Today I say, “ha ha, self-doubt, you can’t go in my pretty soul!”


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  1. Tears in my eyes, what a beautiful thing you have learned. There are so many things we can choose to not let get in our pretty souls…..and so wonderful that you are telling self doubt that your pretty soul is off limits! You fly dear daughter.

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