To begin to live in a way that is sustainable…

“I’m talking about the repairs made within yourself…like when you really begin to have patience and kindness toward yourself so that you can begin to live in a way that is sustainable.” ~ Kaisa Ullsvik Miller

I thought this would be a fitting quote today since I spent the morning being overly self-critical, shame on me for that! Wait, was that self-critical? This is one of my favorite quotes, and it was said by an old co-worker in an interview about one of her new poetry books. Sustainability is frequently used in the context of the earth, to use the earth in a way that we do not do damage, and can continue to use and grow from it, so I like the image that comes to my mind when I think of living a sustainable life. To me it is a strong life, that can give to others, but first I must treat myself accordingly so I have that to give.


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  1. Your dad would LOVE all these entries. He is a much better person than I……and I love the influence he has on me…..and the influence he has had on his children! Keep up the good work Paula, each day is knew, each day is an opportunity. XXOO

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