Which Voice Aligns with your Core Values

Why?! Why did I agree to go to this weekend seminar on leadership training?! When I was first invited to attend I was really excited. It perfectly aligned with my goals. I believe in political activism and civic engagement, and I'd like to learn how to best contribute to these my community and advance progressive... Continue Reading →


Are you wearing down?

We are barely over 100 days into the Trump presidency, and even harder, a Republican controlled congress. There are numerous things to be upset about: attacks on minorities, attacks on the working class, tax breaks for the wealthy, reduced protections for vulnerable populations, and don't even get me started on the AHCA that just got passed... Continue Reading →

Listen and Learn: Missouri Jobs with Justice

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Justin Stein, Organizing Director of Missouri Jobs with Justice (JwJ). Missouri JwJ is a "coalition of community, labor, student, and religious groups  in communities across the state," focused on taking direct action. I'm sure I won't do them justice (lame pun intended) with my description. They take... Continue Reading →

Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is a conundrum to me. Do I think anyone can LIVE off of minimum wage? No. That's not even an opinion. That's fact. The other morning I spent time talking with my conservative friend (who voted for Trump, and yes we're still friends) about the world. I was feeling conflicted about minimum wage.... Continue Reading →


I once asked a friend of mine who seemed to like everyone (though I knew this wasn't true), how anyone would know if she really, genuinely liked them. "Time," she said, "I give them my time." Quality Time is one of the 5 Love Languages, and while these love languages are generally thought of in... Continue Reading →


Over the last few months while bemoaning (mostly to myself) the lack of creativity in my life and engaging challenges (at work), the universe as presented me with two very specific areas to be creative in. But I'm just now waking up to see them for what they are. First, it was the creation of... Continue Reading →

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